Why Alibaug is a Great Neighborhood for Families, Businesses & Tourism Alike

29 SEP

Have you been thinking of owning an Alibaug bungalow lately, just for the beaches and star-studded neighbourhood? Well, then you’d love to know that there is a lot more to the plots in Alibaug than you’ve heard.

Why is Alibaug All the More Preferred Today?

Alibaug, or Alibag, is in the Konkan Maharashtrian suburb is a second home to many celebs although more famed for Kihim Beach’s entrancing beauty. Of course, you’ll be landed on celeb news if you search for properties in Alibaug - whether it is Alibaug residences, Alibaug Farmhouse for Sale, or the much lionized Alibaug villas. That’s because the power couple of Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh lately came to own one near the lofty Shahrukh Khan bungalow in Alibaug.

1) Recreation and Peace of Mind

All the star-spangling aside, Alibaug is a place many prefer to raise their families away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, but close enough to enjoy all the metropolitan opulence of the B-town of India. A great advantage of the extensive shoreline is that you get to relish as much oceanic beauty and beachside fun as you want. Waterfront properties are easy to zero in upon in the Alibaug neighbourhood.

2) Education is Taken Care of

Taking it to the next level for your family, the educational institutions of Alibaug include top of the line ones, from preschools (Kidzee, Eurokids, etc.) to colleges. So children of all ages can be educated well up to international standards and taken care of right in the area. Coaching classes are also run to pre-eminence in Alibaug. Higher education options within the area include teacher education, arts and science, homoeopathic medicine, law, management studies, hotel management, and vocational streams.

3) Healthcare is Everywhere

In case of emergencies, pregnancies, or long-term therapies, Alibaug residents seldom need to drive far. The area houses over 20 hospitals at your service. Specialities include all the branches that deal with emergency situations - Pediatrics, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, and Dental.

4) A Spiritual Getaway

Alibaug is a spiritual getaway to many celebrated people. Over 20 temples (mandirs) and as many churches, and mosques (masjids and dargahs) preserve the already spiritual nature of Alibaug’s meditative beachy soul.

5) Your Children will Grow Close to Celebs

This may not come off as such a great advantage, while it actually is. Public figures are the pillars of the society. They see a lot of people, cultures and things, they are constantly in their best selves, employ politeness and humility as much as humanly possible, and look for the best for themselves and their families - some things anyone should be practising if they want to set their bars high as the sky.

Discipline and strife that goes behind success is something to be looked up to. After all, where could be better to reach for the moon than from amongst the stars themselves?

6) Same goes for Businesses

When you set up your business in or around Alibaug, chances are that your customers would be big names and international tourists who come for a vacation on the lavish beaches of Alibaug. You will naturally be researching how to offer the best for the customers with deep pockets, meaning your business is motivated to get competent and meet global standards in no time. This is your chance at offering the best of your products and services while being acclaimed globally.

7) Unicorns and Tycoons are Headed There too

Did you know that the less-spotted celebrities - the business magnates and top executives are now buying second homes in Alibaug too?

Navin Agarwal (Vedanta Resource), Gautam Singhania (Raymonds), Prakash Mody (Unichem Labs. Ltd), Salil Parekh (Infosys CEO), Sanjay Nayar (KKR India), Falguni Nayar (Nykaa), and Deven Mehta already own properties in Alibaug. M2M Ferries is investing in Alibaug too, as of late.

8) All the Types of Land You will ever Want

Whether you want to build your dream home, erect a business, start a farm, offer tourism experiences, or just make an investment, you have all the options. Alibaug is an area where different land zones collide - geographically (seasides and hilltops) and politically (CRZ, FSI, etc.). If you can steer your way around the place or hire a real estate agent to do the heavy lifting for you, you can find the right kind of plot, in the right size and shape, and within the reasonable price ceiling.

You can also make sure that the land is the right distance from or right in the middle of civilization. Alibaug again is versatile in that respect. If you want land nearby major roads, junctions, or landmarks, you will have it. And if you want a secluded property that offers privacy and access to essential services alike, Alibaug gives you those options too.

9) Jobs in Plenty

Job hunting in Alibaug is a walk in the park. Medical experts, engineers, instrumental experts, data experts, musicians, dancers, artists, teachers, marketers, managers, accountants, developers, digital wizards, and labourers can find jobs with relative ease. There as many consultancies, businesses, healthcare institutions, educational firms, and other companies mushrooming up and thriving in Alibaug these days.

10) The Prices are Reasonable

Adding cherry to the cake, Alibaug offers some of the lowest and most reasonable prices in and around Mumbai. The taxes and stamp duty is also lower than the metropolitan city’s. But in the long run, an Alibaug property is an investment that will manifold in a matter of few years.

Now, if you are buying a property for a house, the lower prices mean that you can save up or spend more on the actual house. Even for businesses, the price ceilings offer great solace since a business will be managing itself while also running the construction.

Since tourism is making a stronger comeback post-Covid, we can expect great returns from the stream as well.

That’s a Wrap!

The only conclusion we can draw from this discussion is that Alibaug offers a great neighbourhood, a prime residential area, and a business zone of limitless possibilities, amongst many other perks we have not explored today.

An Alibaug property investment will not let you down.